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SWAG CASH MONEY i thought i sent this but it didn’t go through the first time i guess but basically i said something like WOW we’ve known each other a long time too and idk how we’re still friends bc you watched me go through such an awful phase but its ok thank u for being here for me I’m sad we didn’t get to spend high school together but at least we had some fun adventures 


U R MY GIRL i love you so much

im so happy i met you (??? like what 6 years ago. damn for real 6 years right there) and even though we were weird as fuck kids we’re fierce as fuck bitch queens right now and tbh living in providence without you really sucks you’re one of the biggest reasons why i miss texas like you were that one person i could count on to always be available and we could talk shit all the time even if we didn’t even know who the person was and we never fought or anything and thats what makes u so special idk how to fight with you it was so great and we always had these fun adventures at night even if it was only for like a hour to drive to a parking lot and do nothing bless

"69 because I’m actually a 12 yr old boy"

one of the most considerate sweethearts i’ve ever met in my entire life, like idk how you do it and you just are one of those ppl i’m comfortable with telling a lot of things, cannot believe you are like a million years younger than me how is it possible you have surpassed me in maturity and knowledge and also attractiveness and wisdom at such a young age illegal. cool aesthetic too

mutuals send me #’s so i can make a post about you

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Gothic flu mask Absol with a rly passionate and determined heart and mind. Is going to achieve greatness after some anguish and pain, but it’s all gonna be worth it bud trust me. Should look at self with more admiration and self respect because she’s INCREDIBLE.


me whenever a drawing doesnt go my way: that’s it. i lost all talent. i’m no longer able to make art. i peaked. this is it. this is the end of days

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